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    Port Inspection Center

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Port Inspection Center

FRIOLUZ has a facility, located alongside the PIF, in which the port services that used to be conducted in different places are now centralised. This building includes the following services: Soivre (Official Export Inspection, Surveillance and Regulation Service), Foreign, Animal and Plant Health Customs, all of which are involved in the inspection of merchandise at the port.


The aim is to bring all the inspection services together at a single strategic site in the port of the capital city [of Las Palmas]. This has allowed for the speeding up of customs procedures and, consequently, the streamlining of freight traffic, thereby reducing associated costs and optimising the quality of the services involved, which in turn has led to an increase in the volume of traffic.


When a consignment is subject to inspection by more than one Body, they will inspect the same merchandise jointly.


This means:

• Time saved in the customs clearance process.

• A unique location in the inspection area with the consequent savings in the costs related to handling and horizontal transport.

• The health and safety of the merchandise.

• Increased security of the merchandise, as the risk involved when the container is opened during the inspection is reduced.

• Handling of the cargo at facilities equipped for the purpose. In the case of refrigerated or frozen goods, the cold chain is guaranteed.

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